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Children of Kronos comic is a serial killer comic retelling of the Greek mythology of Kronos (Cronus, Cronos) eating his children gods. The webcomic follows two detectives Romero and Tompkins (Tex) who are hunting down the serial killer Kronos who eats pieces of his victims, who Kronos sees as their “children”. The story begins as Detective Romero and Detective Tompkins start uncovering unusual crimes in the city. Romero is no stranger to heinous crimes, but the next series of murders will challenge everything he thought he knew about solving homicides.


The Creators

Nan-N-Ro are just 2 gals making some comics: with multiple jobs, long distance collaboration, and a dog (Juju) to put through college.

Children of Kronos is the first released comic as a mystery, serial killer, black and white webcomic. On the site we only offer the PG13 comic version. However, on our Paetron, we are offering the NSFW comic version as a PDF for fine folks such as yourself.

Children of Kronos is just the beginning! So many more stories we can’t wait to share. Our Paetron will give small sneaky peeks into our future work as we continue working on Children of Kronos.

If you enjoy our webcomic goodies, thank you for being a wonderful human by reading it and don’t be shy we love hearing from you reach out on our comic
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children of kronos comic NanCran creator bio


The brains

Likes: being a mermaid (..shhhh no one knows she’s a mermaid.)

Dislikes: fishing nets and typing




children of kronos comic NanCran creator bio


Makes the pictures

Likes: giving riddles to lost travelers, coffee, and pens.
Dislikes: Glue, and bios