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Learn about Comic characters that are in Children of Kronos, Detective Miguel Romero and partner Detective Minerva Tompkins and secondary comic characters

Main Comic Characters


Children of kronos comic chracter Romero

Detective Miguel Romero

El Paso native, Romero is one of the best detectives in the precinct. He left his home town with big dreams, and never looked back. Although he may be miles from home he never forgets his Tigua and Mexican roots. There are rumors that he may be the next Chief in command. The rumors don’t fall far from the truth, just see for yourself.


Children of Kronos web comic charcter Tompkins

Detective Minerva Tompkins (Tex)

Originally from Corsicana Texas, Tompkins brings more than a texas twang to the precinct. This Godly woman finds herself consumed in her cases, no victim will go unserved. Justice will be served. Tompkins bring an innocence to the field, but it is not to be mistaken with being naive. She is fully aware of the world around her.


Children of Kronos


Lina Young


Celebrity Chef, has several popular business and restaurants around the country. Also famous for popular, major-network, show “Young Method.” Connection to killer and warehouse is unknown.

Side Characters

comic character mystery person


Nothing known at this time about this individual.

children of kronos comic character reyes

Police Chief Reyes

Head of the police department where Detective Romero and Detective Tompkins work.


Dr. Momani

The Forensic pathologist for the police department where Detective Romero and Detective Tompkins work. Of Indian descent.

children of kronos comic character phillip

Phillip Young

Ex-husband of Chef Lina Young. He seems to constantly be nervous, especially around authority figures. Also 7 years ago, he lost his daughter, she is still missing and her body/whereabouts are unknown.