Children Of Kronos Issue Hestia PG59

Hestia Page 59

Children of Kronos is a modern web comic take on the Greek mythology of Kronos (Cronus Cronos) eating his children gods. The graphic novel comic follows two detectives Romero and Tompkins (Tex) who are hunting down the serial killer Kronos who eats pieces of their victims, who Kronos sees as their “children”. Chapter one of page one begins with Demeter starts with the murder of Dika Markus, alias Hestia, as they slowly uncover who murdered Hestia and things begin to get more unclear who the victims really are. Children of Kronos comic chapter two Hestia Page 49, opens with a first person perspective comic of Dr. Dika Markus’s murder by Kronos. Children Of Kronos Issue Hestia PG59


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